John Denver Tribute

z Chris Collins

March 17, 2018 (2 shows, Sat @ 3PM & 8PM) $22.50 / $25.00 plus 7% Ga tax

During the 1970s, John Denver was the most popular entertainer in the world. He sold more albums for RCA than any other artist in their history. But to say he was an icon would be to sell him short. John was also a voice for the environment and a leader in global problem solving. There was something in Johns music that transcended great melodies and poetic lyrics into an underlying sense of the human condition, and the longing we all feel for love and home.

Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon bring a breath of fresh air to the beloved melodies of John Denver, while seeking to honor his music and legacy through their authenticity and talents. An accomplished vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Chris Collins exhibits some of the same dynamic qualities that made John Denver so popular. With his natural delivery and vocal tone close to Denver’s heart.   Chris Collins connects to the audience in song and story while touching their heart with his personality, genuineness, and outstanding performance of the music. Having played in cities and towns across the United States, Boulder Canyon brings their exquisite talents as musicians and vocals to complete the memorable experience of the show.

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