!!! THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT !!! Back to Mayberry and the Memories

z !!! THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT !!! Mayberry Moments 2017

!!! THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT !!! August 19, 2017 - Sat. @ 3 PM and 8 PM - Tickets $25/$30 plus Ga. 7% tax

Mayberry Moments 2017

August 19, 2017 - Sat. @ 3 PM and 8 PM 

Tickets $25/$30 plus Ga. 7% tax

Take a trip to the simpler time of “The Andy Griffith Show” when the Cumming Playhouse presents “Mayberry Moments” on August 19 @ 3 PM and 8 PM.

“Mayberry Moments” features two original cast members of the classic television series: Maggie Patterson and Rodney Dillard, who portrayed members of the Bluegrass-playing family band, The Darlings.

In 1962, The Dillards, who had a new recording contract with Elektra Records, were asked by the producers of the “The Andy Griffith Show” to portray members of the Darling family.

To this day, The Dillards, seen as The Darlings, are known all over the world thanks to the enormous popularity of “The Andy Griffith Show.”

No Mayberry show would be complete without everyone’s favorite deputy. And in “Mayberry Moments,” that role is portrayed by David Browning.

“The Mayberry Deputy” is the most noted of David Browning’s characters and started in 1988 when a friend of his asked The Dillards to play Bluegrass music in Bristol, Tenn.

Browning joined them after he put together a Barney Fife-type act based on his memory of the classic TV show. His portrayal of the well-loved deputy was a hit.

“I discovered that I could make a statement as David Browning that was not funny at all, but the same statement made in uniform as ‘The Mayberry Deputy’ had audiences falling out of their seats,” he said.

Since then, Browning has portrayed the character more than 5,000 times at venues in 35 states and Canada.

Browning even toured as an opening act for Don Knotts, the actor who brought Barney Fife to life in the television series, for a few years prior to the star’s death in 2006.

Browning believes audiences will enjoy “Mayberry Moments” so much because it will remind them of a simpler time gone by.

“In the world we live in today, people are searching for their own Mayberry,” he said. “I value ‘The Mayberry Deputy’ character for what it gives people today — a laugh, a lift and memories.”





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